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Category: Catch Up With Us

Futura-Mobility maps future scenarios – 6 January 2021

Dec 28, 2020
ENTERPRISE is very much part of Futura-Mobility‘s mindset. Together with a wider...Read More

Valeo has surprise up its sleeve – 15 December

Dec 3, 2020
A Valeo innovation for electric mobility is coming soon! Find out more...Read More

The car: is divorce out of the question? – 15 December

Dec 2, 2020
This press conference organised by Observatoire Cetelem will cover the following topics: How...Read More

Smart Cities in China – 14 December

Dec 1, 2020
During this members-only, online meeting of Futura-Mobility we will be talking with...Read More

Hydrogen generation – 10 December

Nov 26, 2020
Everything you’ve always wanted to know about hydrogen but never dared ask....Read More

The new rail explorers – 1 December

Nov 25, 2020
Organised by Schoolab, this conference will explore new mobility models in a...Read More

China: innovation for economic growth? – 5 & 6 November

Oct 12, 2020
What is the relationship between innovation and China’s desire for economic growth? ...Read More

Autonomy – 4 & 5 November

Oct 10, 2020
This year’s edition of Autonomy, the sustainable mobility fair, will be 100%...Read More

Hydrogen, energy of the future? – 14 October

Oct 7, 2020
Available in French only.