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#7 Transportez-moi explores the world of biomimetics

Jan 22, 2021
🐜 Available in French only, but the video is a great watch!...Read More

China: innovation and standardisation for economic growth

Jan 9, 2021
by Lesley Brown & Joëlle Touré, Futura-Mobility   On 5 and 6...Read More

Does China harbour hegemonic intentions?

Dec 21, 2020
by Lesley Brown & Joëlle Touré, Futura-Mobility   On 5 and 6...Read More

Tomorrow’s mobility – eVTOL aircraft set for take-off

Oct 13, 2020
Driven by advances in technology, there has been much enthusiasm in recent...Read More

#6 Transportez-moi ! Managing passenger flow

Oct 2, 2020
Available in French only.

#5 Transportez-moi ! Summer 2020 : destination France for green and local tourism

Jul 24, 2020
Available in French only.   Cover photo: Peter Lutz – Pixabay

#4 Transportez-moi : air travel re-takes off, destination greener aviation?

Jun 27, 2020
Available in French only.     Cover photo: Maveric, the flying wing...Read More

Mobility in Africa: facing up to new challenges

Jun 25, 2020
10 June 2020: during this webinar organised by the think tank Futura-Mobility,...Read More

The role of micromobility in mobility

Jun 22, 2020
by Joelle Touré, delegate general, Futura-Mobility   On 3 June 2020, a...Read More

Let’s talk LOM (French mobility orientation law)

Jun 20, 2020
by Joëlle Touré & Lesley Brown, Futura-Mobility   At long last! In...Read More