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Energy Transition Challenges for Mobility – 26 September

By: Lesley Brown 27 September 2023 no comments

Energy Transition Challenges for Mobility – 26 September

Futura-Mobility, the innovation and prospective think tank of mobility stakeholders, invites you to join its upcoming session on:

Energy Transition Challenges for Mobility

Overview and perspectives on the evolving energy market worldwide.

Impacts of the electrification of uses on the energy sector and raw materials.

We will listen to and debate ➡️ in English ⬅️ with the following speakers:

  • Olivier Alsauskas, Modeller in the World Energy Outlook team, International Energy Agency. Overview of the energy evolution worldwide and focus on the transport specifics – based on the IEA annual outlook. Facts and figures.
  • Olivier Appert, member of the Académie des technologies, advisor to the IFRI (French Institute of International Relations) Energy Centre. Analysis of the 2022 energy crisis and fundamentals of the hydrocarbon and electricity sectors. Prospects for the energy transition. Impacts of electrification on the energy mix.
  • Guillaume Pitron, French journalist, filmmaker, and author of two books – The Rare Metals War and The Dark Cloud – about the natural resources needed for new technology. Impact of electrification on raw material ressources; analysis of associated geopolitical developments.
  • Nicolas Jeuland, Fellow expert / Prospective manager ‘Aviation environmental impact assessment and low carbon fuels’, Safran. How can aviation meet its environmental commitments?


➡️ If you are in the Paris region, join us on board India Tango, a houseboat moored near the Concorde bridge in Paris.

➡️ If you are far from Paris, a Teams link will be sent to you after registration.