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About Us

About Us

Futura-Mobility is the think tank for prospective thinking and innovation in the mobility industry.

Created by and for transport industries, its members – SNCF RéseauAir Liquide, AlstomBouygues, Groupe ADPKeolis, Safran, and Valeo – represent a broad range of business activities in this field.

To both widen and question perspectives, other mobility-related actors are regularly invited to join meetings, as well as urban planners, start-ups, sociologists, philosophers, economists, and political figures. Insight from these participants will play a key role in meeting the mobility 2050 challenge.

Futura-Mobility provides a platform for industry players to share their views on disruption, both ongoing and anticipated, and together explore opportunities. From the energy transition to impacts of the digital revolution, eco-design, new mobility behaviour and markets, we cover the topics that count.


Our four watchwords are:


Sharing: become smarter through group dynamics; networking; compare points of view; learn about and benchmark technologies; stimulate thinking together; sharing insight and perspectives on mobility of the future; open-minded approach; joint learning curve.

Innovation through co-creation: co-design mobility; identify partnership opportunities; participate in/co-create a positive future; joint thinking on new concepts and platforms; open to new ideas; testing options; concrete solutions.

Influencing: to impact external developments (academic and industrial partners, financiers and decision makers); image; drive forward global régulations. In-house: motivate and keep management up to speed on change.

Disruption: sourcing innovative ideas (beyond one’s own business field); gaining further insight on disruption scenarios; come up with new ideas; out-of-the-box thinking; encouraging and motivating each other.


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