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About us

Futura-Mobility is the innovation and prospective think tank for mobility stakeholders.

Created by and for the transport players, its members – SNCFBouygues, Groupe ADPKeolis, ESTACA, OPmobility, and Stations-e – represent a broad range of business activities in this field. Valeo is an associate founder of the think tank.

To enlighten the issues addressed, other stakeholders are regularly invited to join meetings: startuppers, sociologists, philosophers, economists, political figures. Inputs from these participants play a major role in prospecting mobility of the future.

Futura-Mobility provides a platform for people from the world of mobility to share their views on disruption, ongoing or future, and come together to explore avenues for innovation.

The energy transition, impacts of the digital revolution, eco-design, the emergence of new markets and use cases… we cover all the topics that count.


Our four watchwords are:


Sharing: become smarter through group dynamics; networking; compare points of view; learn about and benchmark technologies; stimulate collaborative thinking; share visions of the future; exchange knowledge and convictions; analyse weak signals; learn together.

Innovation through co-creation: co-create a desirable future; co-design tomorrow’s mobility; identify partnership opportunities; joint thinking on new concepts; open up to new ideas; put options to the test; find concrete solutions.

Influencing: externally, partners, be they academic, companies, financial, political…; promote the think tank; drive forward rules and regulations. Internally, within each company, inspire and provide management teams with support about future transformations.

Disruption: find sources of innovative ideas; benefit from other insights on disruptions to come; generate new ideas; think creatively; inspire and motivate each other.


Honorary members

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