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In order to keep pace with the future requirements of its customers and end-users, and remain firmly competitive on its markets, Bouygues is investing major resources on innovation.

In order to promote a spirit of innovation and create shared value, Bouygues commits itself to:

  • Roll-out an innovation management tool to promote a collaborative approach with the academic work, external partners, start-ups, etc.;
  • Roll-out a collaborative approach in its business segments in order to promote cross-disciplinary exchange (coordination of communities of experts, management of joint projects, etc.).

Open Innovation

In 2015, Bouygues boosted its Open Innovation policy by encouraging the creation, in each of its business segments, of a structure to select and finance start-ups. The action of these seed funds is also supported by Bouygues Développement, a new parent-company unit that provides financial, legal and project coaching services.

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Management of Innovation

Bouygues draws on the research, development and innovation teams of its parent company (e-lab) and of its business segments, which draw on their own networks of external partners. During collaborative events (Hackathon, design thinking seminars, etc.), Group employees contribute to researching innovative solutions. The Bouygues group has a number of centres of excellence on key issues (sustainable construction, materials engineering, telecoms networks, etc.).

For example, the Group takes part in the “IDEAs Laboratory”, a think tank comprised of experts, industry players and researchers carrying out intelligence monitoring on the theme of the city of the future (Cité 2030). E-lab also supports the digital transformation of the Group’s business segments.