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Our publications

Let’s be honest. Who reads white papers from start to finish?

On this basis, the Futura-Mobility think tank has opted to publish books in an original format that calls on creativity. In these troubled times, when it’s difficult to tell the future, appealing to the imagination is a powerful resource for deciphering trends.

Our approach is also based on putting people back at the heart of these changes. In Capsules Intemporelles, published in 2018, the spotlight is on transport user clients and the public. What about hyperloop use cases? What about personal drones? How will virtual reality be used in tourism?

In the Transportez-Nous section of the Dico des Métiers du Futur, published in 2022, people working in mobility are projected into the future. Will we need dronadaristes – drone repairmen/women? Déleaucateurs – flooded city removers? Automossureurs – autonomous vehicle insurers?

Ready to go? Go for it!