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Inflation: accelerating transformation – 7 February

By: Lesley Brown 19 January 2023 no comments

Inflation: accelerating transformation – 7 February

As part of its Transformation initiatives, Oliver Wyman is organising an event (in French 🇫🇷) in Paris to explore ‘Inflation: accelerating transformation’.

On the panel:

Philippe Maillard, CEO, Groupe Apave

Lilian Leroux, president Transit & president of Faiveley Transport

Yann de Nanteuil, deputy director – Banque de Réseau Société Générale France

Summary of points to be covered:

👉 In response to current inflation, businesses have responded with short-term reactions to absorb the effect of price hikes.

👉 But maintaining the triad of inflation, rising interest rates and resource scarcity over time poses a greater threat to the sustainability of their business models.

👉 While Covid-19 challenged the ability of organisations to be ‘future ready’, resilient, and agile, directors who play their cards right in this new period will be well positioned to reconfigure their strategic priorities, reassess their investment decisions, and forge more partnership-based relationships with their stakeholders (clients, suppliers, employees, shareholders…).

Cover illustration: Gerd Altmann – Pixabay