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Post growth – 7 & 20 June

By: Lesley Brown 20 May 2023 no comments

Post growth – 7 & 20 June

Futura-Mobility has produced prospective scenarios for 2050. The third one we explore – planet first – covers post growth.

But what is post growth that goes beyond GDP growth, and promises to respect the planet while providing humans with greater well-being?

Can post growth  be applied to businesses? What would the new face of your company be if it adopted post growth?

Futura-Mobility is organising two complementary sessions (🇫🇷 in French) on post growth and invites you to join us.

  • Session #1, WEDNESDAY 7 JUNE, 5.30pm to 7.30pm, with Géraldine ThiryonBeyond growth, what macroeconomic model?’ What is growth (definition, evolution, drivers, limitations)? Which economic system to consider beyond growth? What indicators to define performance at macroeconomic level? How can this be achieved? 

Géraldine Thiry is a professor of economics at ICHEC Brussels Management School and Université de Louvain. She has conducted much research and has co-authored on post growth, especially on alternative indicators to GDP and applying the donut theory in Brussels.


  • Session #2, TUESDAY 20 JUNE, 17.30pm to 7.30pm, with the firm PROPHIL*, on ‘What if your company adopted post growth?’ What governance and economic models, and accounting system for businesses that respect planetary resources and the social protection floor?

PROPHIL is a mission-led company, specialised in research and consulting and focused on how companies can contribute to the common good. Its research hub has notably published the study ‘Post growth for business – rethinking accounting, governance and business models’.


📍 In person, on board péniche India Tango in Paris, near Pont de la Concorde.

Participation free but registration by mail COMPULSORY ▶️ contact@futuramobility.org