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Mobility as a Service – 9 & 10 March – join us!

By: Lesley Brown 8 March 2021 no comments

Mobility as a Service – 9 & 10 March – join us!

Following a relatively recent and at times difficult start, it’s time to take stock of MaaS and its promises.
The stakes of MaaS are well known. Different kinds of questions are arising today, over and above the technical difficulties of implementation: which governance model is effective from the perspective of authorities? How can MaaS really address the challenges of mobility? What business models for these applications? What developments tomorrow?

PROGRAMME (presentations in French unless marked)

Tuesday 9 March, 10am 13.30pm: MaaS, challenges and state of play

  • Maxime Audouin: what role does the metropolis play when introducing MaaS? Mr Audouin co-wrote the article Empower or Thwart? Insights from Vienna and Helsinki regarding the role of public authorities in the development of MaaS schemes.
  • Olivier Vacheret: insight on the MaaS project run by Île-de-France Mobilités: how does it link up with mobility policy? Role and positioning of the Organising Authority? Mr Vacheret is department head for Information & Digital Services at Île-de-France Mobilités.
  • Laura Papet: feedback on introducing MaaS to medium-sized cities. Ms Papet is associate director at PMP Conseil.
  • Hans Arby (in English) with his twofold vision of MaaS as 1st vice chair, Transport Board, City of Gothenburg, and founder of UbiGo.
  • Julie Sulli: how MaaS is challenging mobility habits and insight on a transport operator’s vision. Ms Sulli is head of MaaS at Keolis.

Wednesday, 10am12.30pm: MaaS developments

  • Laurent Chevereau: different organisational models for MaaS in Europe. Mr Chevereau heads MaaS studies at CEREMA.
  • David Lainé: business model developments for a MaaS platform publisher; the territorial expansion of MaaS. Mr Lainé is director France & Belgium and sales director south Europe, TRAFI.  
  • Mathieu de Lophem: MaaS for businesses. Mr de Lophem is co-founder and CEO of Skipr.
  • Michel Gruber: territorial expansion of MaaS in France. Mr Gruber is MaaS director at e.Voyageurs SNCF.
  • representative from an Organising Authority: update on the project underway (to be confirmed).

Cover photo: Mane Omsy – Pixabay