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3rd edition of French Lift Day – 21 November

By: Lesley Brown 27 October 2017 no comments

3rd edition of French Lift Day – 21 November

Organised by the Fédération des Ascenseurs, this dedicated day will highlight the jobs and vertical mobility solutions developed by the profession for the city of tomorrow : a city that is sustainable, mobile, and connected.

At the end of the afternoon, a Lift Trophies ceremony will take place in Paris attended by key sector actors. The Fédération des Ascenseurs will award five Trophies, associated with a major institutional player, for with each category:

Technologies: in partnership with Alliance Industrie du Futur

– Well-being & Accessibility: in partnership with Fédération Française du Senior

– Housing development : in partnership with UNIS

Architecture & urban integration: in partnership with Ordre des Architectes d’Ile-de-France

Environment & sustainable development: in partnership with Futura-Mobility