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The Colas Group, leader in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure, operates in every aspect of construction and maintenance for roads and other types of transport infrastructure, as well as on projects involving urban development and recreational facilities.

The Group boasts two operational segments: Roads, its core business (including civil engineering and building activities), and Specialized activities complementary to its Roads sector (Railways, Waterproofing, Road Safety and Signaling, Pipelines). Backed by a workforce of 57,000 people, nearly half of whom work outside of mainland France, Colas undertakes about 80,000 projects every year in some 50 countries worldwide on five continents. In 2016, Colas’ consolidated revenue totaled €11 billion, with international markets accounting for 48% of this figure.

The Colas Innovation Board focuses on new smart mobility: imagine a road able to harvest solar energy and produce electricity locally. That’s Wattway the first photovoltaic road surface in the world.