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Month: May 2019

Travel memories

May 30, 2019
After 21 trips together, Iliom and Maruska are wondering about the next one. Are they going to finally meet?

Crisis of the impossible

May 30, 2019
The Prime Minister wants cars to carry at least three people. Can her chief of staff pull off this feat?

Hyperflop in the Hyperloop

May 30, 2019
Loara has taken her seat on the Hyperloop to go and meet her soul mate. In Belgrade, Lance is boarding...

Killer questions

May 30, 2019
Keen for their little darlings to travel around by Autonolib baby, Sarah and Nolwy fill out a questionnaire...

Blockchain in mobility

May 29, 2019
by Charlotte Marrécau, assistant coordinator, Futura-Mobility   24 May 2019: there’s a...Read More

Adventures of a drolinquent

May 28, 2019
Felix Tamara is standing trial for hacking delivery drones. AI finds out he's a repeat offender.

Mobility Package-Man

May 28, 2019
Androo offers mobility packages combining different types of transport.

Welcome to Stadium City!

May 28, 2019
Mikalia and Raouf neotransport to Beijing and discover the first ‘stadium city’.

‘Heads, you’re never dead!’

May 27, 2019
Milos is a ride-hail driver with Uberbattery. Jim, his client, discovers the vehicle uses a necrobattery...

And what if, tomorrow, with artificial intelligence – 11 June

May 25, 2019
Let's boost our imagination of artificial intelligence (AI).