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China: innovation for economic growth? – 5 & 6 November

By: Lesley Brown 12 October 2020 no comments

China: innovation for economic growth? – 5 & 6 November

What is the relationship between innovation and China’s desire for economic growth? 

On the programme (in French, unless specified) of this 2 X 1/2 day session, organised by Futura-Mobility:


Thursday 5 November 10.30 – 12.30am:

1. Innovation in China – from imitation to innovation 

With Alisée Pornet, an economist at the Orient department, AFD; author of numerous publications, of which Le rattrapage technologique comme outil de la puissance chinoise in N°115 of Revue internationale et stratégique, and regular speaker on the radio.

2. In English: innovation in China today and its global impact – an overview of innovative companies in China

With Wei Wei, founder of GSL, the Shanghai-based, innovation and investment consulting firm; co-author of Pioneers, hidden champions, change makers and underdogs, published by MIT, and Business Ecosystem in China, published by Routledge.

Friday 6 November, 10.30 – 12.30am:

1. The general philosophy behind China’s growth. A question of hegemonic desire?

With Jean-Jacques de Dardel, vice-president of Xinrui Business School, Zurich; senior advisory consultant at Sinoglade; former Swiss ambassador to China, Mongolia and North Korea.

2. The new Silk Roads: economic or political project?

Screening of a film presenting the Silk Roads, followed by discussion with the speakers.

3. China Standards 2035: standardisation as power tool?

With John Seaman, Center for Asian Studies, IFRI; author of China and the New Geopolitics of Technical Standardization, an IFRI policy paper published in January 2020.


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