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China: innovation for economic growth? – 5 & 6 November

By: Lesley Brown 10 October 2020 no comments

China: innovation for economic growth? – 5 & 6 November

What is the relationship between innovation and China’s desire for economic growth? 

On the programme (in French, unless specified) of this 2 X 1/2 day session, organised by Futura-Mobility :

Thursday 5 November 10.30 – 12.30am:

1. Introducing the general philosophy behind China’s growth. Peut-on parler de volonté hégémonique de la Chine ? Can we speak of China’s hegemonic will? Is it a question of China’s hegemonic desire?

With Jean-Jacques de Dardel, vice-president of Xinrui Business School, Zurich; senior advisory consultant at Sinoglade; former Swiss ambassador to China, Mongolia and North Korea.

2. Innovation in China – from imitation to innovation 

With Alisée Pornet, an economist at the Orient department, AFD; author of numerous publications, of which Le rattrapage technologique comme outil de la puissance chinoise in N°115 of Revue internationale et stratégique, and regular speaker on the radio.

3. The new Silk Roads: economic or political project?

Screening of a film presenting the Silk Roads, followed by discussion with the speakers.

Friday 6 November, morning:

4. China Standards 2035: standardisation as a power tool?

With John Seaman, Center for Asian Studies, IFRI; author of China and the New Geopolitics of Technical Standardization, an IFRI policy paper published in January 2020.

5. Innovation in China today (in English) and its global impact

With Wei Wei, founder of GSL, the Shanghai-based, innovation and investment consulting firm; co-author of Pioneers, hidden champions, change makers and underdogs, published by MIT, and Business Ecosystem in China, published by Routledge.

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Please note: take care to sign up for both of the sessions, on Thursday 5 and Friday 6 November. You will receive a Teams link once your registration is completed.

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