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Forum Métropolitain du Grand Paris – mobility trends, choices & behaviour

By: Lesley Brown 30 June 2017 no comments

Forum Métropolitain du Grand Paris – mobility trends, choices & behaviour

The two objectives of the Forum Métroplitain du Grand Paris are to improve flow (reduce congestion) and decrease the carbon footprint and air pollution of Ile-de-France (Paris and its region).

This 28 June meeting opened with a presentation by Ivan Derré, director of studies, DRIEA (Transport Ministry) on current trend forecasts up to 2030 for Ile-de-France.

If we carry on as we are there will be gridlock in Ile-de-France, he warned.

This led to debate over the transport choices of Franciliens (people living in Paris and its region) versus the modes available to them. On human behaviour, participants highlighted a number of influencing factors that included:

– the cost of a car vs public transport;

– company transport programmes (Plan de Déplacements Inter-Entreprises, PDIE)

– the distribution of jobs across a territory

– remote working and the growing number of coworking spots – backed in rural areas by Regional councils;

– the availability of bike services and other ‘soft mobility’ opportunities (e.g. testing sharing systems for bikes (We Vélo) and push scooters/trottinettes in Greater Paris, 93 department);

– local infrastructure such as bus stops;

– the impact of our ageing population;

– how digitalisation is facilitating intermodality.

Being able to park one’s car at work is a strong influencing factor when it comes to modal choice, said the representative for another work group on active modes.