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Go for Green, Green Living and Thinking – 16 October

By: Lesley Brown 8 October 2018 no comments

Go for Green, Green Living and Thinking – 16 October

During a breakfast meeting, presentation of the international study Go for Green, Green Living and Thinking, conducted by Alice Audouin Consulting, together with Perspectives-Lab, a brand strategy, prospective and trends consulting agency based in France and China.

The study sets out the challenges and  opportunities (consumers, R&D, institutions…) of sustainable lifestyles and responsible consumption. Seeking to guide groups, companies, brands, and products along sustainable pathways, it includes insight from 20 French and international experts.

This international (Europe, US, China), forward-looking analyis highlights 10 trends, each enlightened by works by iconic contemporary artists.


Cover photo: Flickr/cc – Gorgeous Eyes

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