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Autonomy in the air – 4 April

By: Lesley Brown 2 April 2018 no comments

Autonomy in the air – 4 April

Group ADP is launching the first trials of self-driving shuttles at a French airport.

With Edward Arkwright, executive director general, Groupe ADP; Scheherazade Zekri, director of new mobility, Keolis; and Christophe Sapet, president, Navya.

The two, fully electric autonomous shuttles will pilot up to July 2018 at the airport’s business district, Roissypôle, near Paris, connecting the suburban train (RER) station to ADP (Aeroport De Paris) headquarters.

Left to right: Christophe Sapet, Navya; Youenn Dupuis, Keolis; Edward Arkwright, ADP (Photo credit: Keolis)