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IARO conference – 11 April

By: Lesley Brown 8 April 2018 no comments

IARO conference – 11 April

CDG Express: an opportunity for Paris and Région Ile-de-France to gain international prestige? Tourism and the economy, expectations and ambitions.

Round table 1: what impacts will the CDG Express have on the economy and tourism in Région Ile-de-France?

Round table 2 : the customer experience – what do users of a service like the CDG Express want?

Participants include:

Fraser Brown – International Air Rail Organisation (IARO) and Heathrow Express; Thomas Degos – Métropole du Grande Paris; Julien Bert – Rhônexpress; Etienne Guyot – CCI Paris Ile-de-France; Caroline Paul –Talents Travel/China Travel.

Click here for more details and here to read what they said