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Impact of the health crisis on living space – 31 August

Aug 30, 2021
The pandemic has revived people’s interest in medium-sized cities. While embodying the...Read More

Autonomy – 4 & 5 November

Oct 10, 2020
This year’s edition of Autonomy, the sustainable mobility fair, will be 100%...Read More

Africa-France Summit 2020, supporting sustainable cities and territories

Apr 26, 2020
by Lesley Brown, 12 March 2020, updated on 2 April   The...Read More

Will the city of tomorrow be shaped by Google? – 30 January

Jan 16, 2020
On the occasion of La Fabrique de la Cité‘s New Year reception, Chantal Bernier,...Read More

Exploring mobility and territories

Oct 8, 2019
Paris, 3 July 2019: co-organised by Futura-Mobility and French Mobility (France Mobilités),...Read More

Mobility Package-Man

May 28, 2019
Androo offers mobility packages combining different types of transport.

The future of mobility, a short history

Mar 19, 2019
Video in French here.

Uses of public space – 13 March

Mar 11, 2019
The next annual meeting of Club des Villes et Territoires Cyclables – organised...Read More

Hamburg: how to create urban innovation? – 21 February

Jan 22, 2019
‘Gateway to the world’ (Tor zur Welt): Hamburg has built its fortune upon...Read More