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New urban utopias – 19 October

By: Lesley Brown 15 October 2018 no comments

New urban utopias – 19 October

Following ‘Biodiversity: from Earth to the city’ and the opening of the photo exhibition ‘Graphic by nature’ on 20 September, next on the #RencontresDeMalaquais  programme is an evening debate on the topic of ‘new urban utopias’.

Created in Paris in March 2018 under the patronage of Edgar Morin, 3 Quai Malaquais is a multi-faceted and open venue, orientated towards the common good and sharing. Unassuming, it seeks to simply foster encounters with otherness between people from all horizons: artists, intellectuals, activists, citizens from here, there, and everywhere…. During these ‘conversational’ meetings, there is always an exhibition running that participants can enjoy during the evening.

With Laurence Devillers and Ariel Kyrou, amongst others.