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Tag: sustainability

Reinventing tourism

Sep 21, 2018
At the third edition of Tourism of the Future (Les Entretiens Internationaux...Read More

Futura-Mobility explores AI in North America

Jul 28, 2018
Monday 28 May – 8am – Montréal : day one for the small...Read More

Movin’On Summit – 30 May-1 June

May 15, 2018
The Michelin Challenge Bibendum, the world’s most renowned international mobility summit held...Read More

Business model disruption – part 1

May 8, 2018
20 April 2018: the theme of this Futura-Mobility meeting was ‘business model...Read More

Energy and mobility: life cycles

Jan 22, 2018
Energy and mobility : life cycles was the theme of this Futura-Mobility session,...Read More

‘Capsules intemporelles’ with Futura-Mobility

Dec 17, 2017
This article is available in French only.    

Building the digital railway – 6 December 2017

Dec 4, 2017
Held in Paris, the 3rd UIC Digital Conference explored Cloud computing, public...Read More

3rd edition of French Lift Day – 21 November

Oct 27, 2017
Organised by the Fédération des Ascenseurs, this dedicated day will highlight the jobs and vertical...Read More

Bertrand Piccard & Solar Impulse

Oct 14, 2017
The 6 October 2017 meeting of Futura-Mobility (on ‘shifting user behaviour towards responsible innovation’) wrapped with some...Read More

ACIDD summer workshop 2017 – achievements & lessons learned

Oct 13, 2017
… chapter two: transitional disruption in mobility The passenger transport sector, like...Read More